iRUMBO is a FREE Business to Business (B2B) tool for people to find and connect with local North American Information Technology (IT) solution providers—generally called consultants, managed service providers (MSPs), resellers (VARs), or service providers—to help solve their technical and business problems. These companies comprise what is commonly referred to as the "IT Channel," which is how 75% of IT and telecommunications products and services are sold in the US—2011 estimates are $350 billion by 75,000 companies employing over 2 million people, according to CompTIA. Broken down by segments, this represents: Telecom Services (46%), IT hardware (25%), IT services (19%) and Software (10%).*


The IT industry is full of three-letter acronyms that are difficult to understand even to industry insiders. iRUMBO is a tool designed to help people identify these companies based on consistent industry specific terminology, partner relationships and service capabilities  to help you find employment opportunities or assist you with your IT needs. More specifically, the tool excels at identifying "local" companies based on these criteria that can provide in-person service with over 10,000 of the companies in the system employing less than 20 people.

The business profiles are aggregated and updated from public Internet sources, personal interviews and years of industry experience. IT companies can add, manage and update their profiles for free and the data is regularly verified and validated by Fossa LLC.

The site was developed by Codewarp and is owned and operated by Fossa LLC (, which also operates subscription-based Channel Navigator (, a dynamic business intelligence tool for IT and telecom companies to identify and connect with North American business partners utilizing  40+ industry-specific fields for detailed filtering and reporting, including 75,000+ validated key contacts.

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*Source: Information Technology: Generating Growth & Jobs for The U.S. Economy by CompTIA